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        PLM Wants You to Join the Team

        At PLM we believe that values such as integrity and commitment are at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the dedicated and knowledgeable individuals that work for us. With locations across the globe, PLM has exciting opportunities for exceptional people that are looking for a solid, growth-oriented company with a commitment to its customers and its employee’s success.

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        Our Team Values: Integrity, Relationships, Safety, Commitment and Innovation

        We Lead with Integrity        

        • Treat others with Mutual Respect
        • Behave Honestly and Ethically

        We Value Relationships

        • Communicate Openly
        • Partner with Customers, Dealers, Caterpillar and other Suppliers

        We Work Safe

        • Return Home Safely Everyday
        • Protect Each other and the Environment

        We Deliver on our Commitments

        • Keep our Promises
        • Respond with a Sense of Urgency

        We promote Innovation

        • Provide Customer Solutions
        • Deliver Industry Leading Technology